Registered Name: Hillstone One In A Million 

(aka “Chance”)

 2015(c)Barbara O’Brien Photography Click here

DOB: 12/07/06 (currently 8 years old)

Breed/Color:  Sheltie/ Tri Color

Chance was born to Hillstone Shelties located in Gardnerville Nevada.  Being he was from the “gambling” state, “Chance” was the perfect name.  At 12 weeks of age he took his first and only plane ride to his country home here in Northfield Minnesota.  I picked him up at the airport on 2/28/07 on an eve of a big Minnesota snow storm.  The next morning Chance woke up with 22 inches of “fun white stuff” on the ground. To him it was fun as this was his first snow.  The weather was so bad that most flights got cancelled and ALL pet travel was cancelled.  He got to his forever home just in time.

Chance’s personality is best described as animated, whimsical, loyal extremely intelligent and a communicator.  Communicator not in the sense of barking, but as in thinking, I just have to look at him to know what he wants.  Unlike most shelties, he is a people person and loves the attention he receives from everyone and in return makes us all smile.  He finds great joy in everything, even from an ice cube that has escaped from the freezer.

Chance, himself does not hold any show titles, but comes from a long line of champions.  He was being kept as a show prospect but he was going to go over the height limit for the show ring.  Chance looks exactly like his dad who holds many titles.  Chance has completed three levels of obedience training and an agility class.  Herding comes natural for Chance.  He will herd chickens, sheep, turkeys and even children!

Chance’s favorite outdoor toy is a soccer ball with a strap for carrying.  Indoors his favorite play toy is affectionately known as “fish”.  It is shaped like a fish but looks like a cat.  He is most always carrying it around by the tail trying to get some indoor playtime.  After that anything that he can shake that slaps him in the face is pretty good too.  He loves to be outside and go for long nature walks and also anywhere in the car even long trips to Florida.  He is a great traveler!  Digging holes of all sizes in the yard is right at the top of his favorite things to do! Chance has been a raw food diet since he was 6 months old.  He was introduced to OC Raw in Florida.  Instead of trying to pack 3 weeks of frozen raw food, I had made some calls and found a localstore in Cape Coral that sold the frozen food he was currently eating.  Once there the manager spoke so highly of OC Raw that I gave it a try as opposed to what I usually bought.  OC Raw is not available in Minnesota so this was the first I knew of it.  I was so impressed with it that when we returned home I inquired at Chuck and Don’s if they could get it and yes, they could.  After about a month on the OC Raw diet, Chance’s coat became even shinier that it was before.  Chance has been eating it ever since!  I rotate between the protien and produce variety of beef, chicken and turkey all of which are his favorite!

 2015(c)Barbara O’Brien Photography Click here