The OC Raw Dog Team


The team at OC Raw Dog is committed to providing your canine pets with balanced, nutritious meals at affordable prices. We want to make feeding healthy raw meals to your dogs and cats as easy and positive as possible.

OC Raw Dog Founder and Co-Owner

Dr. Stephen Lindsay

Dr. Steve is the patriarch of the family and the person responsible for the science behind OC Raw Dog’s formulations. He currently serves as Chief of Staff and vascular surgeon at the Hoag Memorial Hospital in Newport Beach.  Dr Steve’s strong background in chemistry has been instrumental in the guidance and direction leading to the development of our canine and feline formulas based on NRC and AFFCO standards. Dr. Steve maintains an active medical practice, and thoroughly enjoys meeting retailers and customers at trade shows and getting feedback and testimonials. Aspen, his canine child, loves the Beef & Produce Meaty Rox. You can contact Dr. Steve at


OC Raw Dog President and CEO

Olivia Hudson

Olivia, the daughter of Dr. Stephen Lindsay, is an avid dog enthusiast dedicating her talent to improve the health of pets through her daily efforts at OC Raw headquarters and on location throughout the U.S. In the past she has competed in Confirmation and has bred 25 litters of Spanish Mastiffs and Miniature English Bull Dogs. Affectionately called the “Dog Lady,” Liv has a special connection with dogs. Liv dedicates 100 percent of her time toward improving pet foods and nutrition and is passionate about extending the lives of our beloved furry kids. She specializes in the sourcing of all ingredients, product development, manufacturing and graphic design. Olivia has three large dogs: Shaq at 170 lbs, Cinder at 140 lbs, and Dakota at 100 lbs. In all, her dogs total 410 lbs! It’s a good thing she works at a company making dog food. You can contact Olivia at:

OC Raw Dog Chief Finance Officer

Toby Hudson

Toby is married to Olivia and has played a critical role in the development of the strategic and successful sales growth of OC Raw Dog. The brand has expanded throughout the United States and Toby is well known in the markets our distributors service. He is responsible for overseeing business strategies, cost analysis and logistics. Formally a Real Estate Developer, his skills aligned to working with engineers, government officials and suppliers to building homes throughout Southern California.  While Olivia feeds the dogs, Toby loves giving them beef bones and lamb meaty bones that act as Nature’s toothbrush. You can contact Toby at

Director of Sales

Tom Allen


East Coast Sales 

Lynda Roth

Social Media & Administrative Director

Doug Jones 

Doug, recently full time to OC RAW DOG, handles social media and administrative duties for OC RAW DOG. Doug is a former professional hockey player and coach. Both his dogs, Harlequin and Zoey are OC RAW DOG fed and love the turkey and produce. You can contact Doug at