Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that’s not on the list, no problem. Ask us atinfo@OCRawDog.com!

Do I need to add supplements to my dog’s diet while feeding OC Raw?

Nope, it’s not necessary. OC Raw is a complete and balanced diet meeting AAFCO standards for all life stages for your cat or dog.

What kind meat is used in OC Raw?

All of our meat is sourced from USDA certified and inspected plants. We never use 4-d meat, denatured, rendered, or any meals of any kind. We use premium muscle cuts to increase the protein content.

Is OC Raw Organic?

We currently do not use organic ingredients, but we make every effort to insure the highest quality ingredients while maintaining an affordable price point. We have plans to create two certified organic protein options in the near future.

How do I switch my dog or cat from a dry dog food diet to OC Raw?

We recommend a slow transitions starting at a 75/25 blend of your existing food to OC Raw. Then just add a little more OC Raw and a little less of the old stuff until you are feeding 100% OC Raw. This may take several weeks.


Can my cat eat the canine formulas or vice versa?

Sure! The canine formulations utilize 10% fresh fruits and vegetables, and the feline formulation has 5% fresh fruits and vegetables and a vitamin premix to meet AAFCO micronutrient profiles for cats of all life stages. There is sufficient taurine in all the canine formulas (except for the lamb) for cats.

What is the shelf life of OC Raw?

On the back of every bag or container there is a sticker with a lot number and “Use By” date. The use by date is one year from the date of manufacture. You can still feed the food if it has remained frozen past the use by date, but the vitamin and mineral will start to diminish slightly. Once the food is thawed it should be used within 2-3 days and must be stored in a refrigerator.

How does OC Raw match the crude protein in its food with other manufacturers who are 95:5 and OC Raw is 90:10?

Because of our history with breeding we have experienced the benefits of using more muscle meat rather than more bone. By using premium cuts like drumsticks we are able to match or exceed crude protein while using 5% less animal products.

Can dogs and cats eat OC Raw in all life stages?

Yes. OC Raw is designed for all life stages. Use the calorie content as a guide for feeding. If you have a younger, growing puppy feed him/her a food with more calories. If you have an older or more sedentary dog then feed foods that are lower in calories. If you don’t rotate proteins often then adjust the portions to meet their needs.

What if my pet doesn’t like OC Raw?

We offer samples in all 4 Foundation Proteins. Feel free to ask your local retailer for a sample prior to purchase if you know you have a picky eater. OC Raw has a 100% satisfaction guarantee for all customers. But make sure to check with your retailer on their return policy, as not every retailer accepts returns on raw food.

How do you defrost OC Raw?

The smaller the portion the quicker it will thaw. The Meaty Rox will thaw within minutes while the Doggie Dozen Patties may take up to 15-20 minutes depending on ambient temperature. Place your dog’s serving size in their dish, leave out on the counter or in the fridge until it begins to soften, and then feed. Do not microwave.

Can I switch from protein to protein in the OC Raw diets?

YES, YES, YES! We strongly recommend transitioning proteins for your pets. Start with feeding one type of OC Raw protein for at least 30 days to allow their system to readjust to digesting the raw food. After 30 days, incorporate a new protein every seven days until you can mix proteins within the meal. Rotating the diet allows for the maximum vitamin and mineral absorption and alleviates a tendency for a pet to potentially develop allergies when fed just one protein for a long period of time.

Why are my dog’s stools smaller while eating raw?

Your dog is capable of metabolizing about 95% of the ingredients in OC Raw. While on most dry foods, when you feed a cup of food you are getting very close to a cup of waste in the yard due to all the carbohydrates within the “kibble.” After a day in the sun the stool should turn white and if stepped on will just crumble to a biodegradable dust.

Where can I buy OC Raw?

Please check out our website at http://www.ocrawdog.com/Purchase_Information.htm

to find a retailer near you.

Why don’t dogs get sick eating raw food?

There are two main differences between humans and dogs which enable them to eat raw meat. When a dog ingests food the ph balance of their stomach can go as low as 2 which is comparable to hydrochloric acid, an environment which doesn’t support all the bacteria that can cause food borne illnesses in humans. The other main difference is the length and duration of the digestive tract. When humans ingest food it can take as long as 16-36 hours from beginning to end, which allows any bacteria a perfect breeding ground. But for a dog the duration can be as short as 8-12 hours. This means that any nominal bacteria that pass the stomach can’t multiply to a level which may or may not cause any illness.

Will feeding my dog a raw diet make him/her more aggressive toward humans?

No, this is a myth.

Why is there mucus over my dogs stool?

This is normal for some dogs while transitioning to a raw food diet. It is our understanding that this is the dogs’ way of “cleaning” and detoxing their digestive system, similar to how we create mucus to expel dirt, dust, pollens or bacteria from our systems.

We must mention that we are not licensed Veterinarians’. This knowledge is based on many years of experience with countless dogs and research. If you are concerned please contact your Veterinarian. If you would like more information please contact us atinfo@ocrawdog.com.